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Tuesday, April 24th 2012

3:17 PM

Tiny lolicon movie galleries


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From: Sin Titulo
Subject: CockhoundsCockhounds
Sin Titulo The park is quiet in the morning mist waiting for the
sun to burn away the obscuring haze. A few cars are
parked in a narrow lot opposite a wide expanse of lawn
that needs water badly--the drought is felt here
because of neglect. Beyond the dying grass, the hills
of the great park rise abruptly into the blue blue of
the Southern California sky. A lone figure is
standing at the head of a well trod trail smoking and
watching. Behind him further up the trail, another
man stands waiting. When the lower man finishes his
smoke, he carefully grinds it out under his heel,
mindful of the brushfire possibilities in the bone dry
underbrush. He turns and walks slowly up the trail
toward the other man's position. As he does, the
second man turns as well and walks ahead of him a few
yards before turning onto a less well traveled path
into the more obscuring undergrowth.
His darker Hispanic skin seems to blend into the
dimness under the scrawny trees. The following man,
blond with long stringy hair and a tight body, pauses
at tiny lolicon movie galleries the smaller path, looking up at the other man,
watching as he sequesters himself in the hide that men
have used for more than seventy years for illicit
sexual acts frowned upon by society. He takes another
look down the larger path, and sees another car pull
into the lot across the street. He turns back to the
smaller path, and making his decision, walks quickly
to the entrance to the hide and pushes through the
hanging branches to the grotto under the tree.
The other man is there, and smiles to himself
thinking that his morning will have a little more
pleasure than usual. The blond walks directly to the
Mexican and gropes his cock and balls. The Mexican
returns the favor, and sucks in his breath when he
feels the monster cock that dwarfs his own by many
inches. He smiles openly now, and the sun glistens
off his gold filling. He rubs the monster cock with
his hand, and begins to tug at the blond's belt
buckle. He needs to see the cock that has his total
attention now.
The blond lets his hands come to rest on the
Mexican's shoulders, and without force, he pushes the
Mexican to his knees, dirtying his work trousers in
the process in the dust, spit and cum under the tree.
Once the Mexican has that massive tool exposed, he
wastes little time looking at the tube of hard flesh,
but takes it into his mouth at once. He makes sloppy
sucking sounds as his mouth tries to enclose the huge
head. After a moment of sucking, he stops and looks
up at the blond and asks if he will fuck him with the
big cock. The blond hesitates a moment, but nods his
Quickly, the Mexican strips off all his clothes
except for his workboots, and using his own spit,
lubes his asshole. He leans forward, pressing against
the massive head with his hole. He grimaces as the
monster pushes into him. He groans as the length
fills him completely. The blond man fucks the
Mexican's hole for several minutes, long enough for
the man he'd seen parking just before, makes his way
to the hide, attracted by the sounds the Mexican is
making. He watches for a moment, while the two keep
up their act. He hauls out his cock, stiff already
and beginning to drip. He steps in front of the
Mexican, and offers himself. The Mexican sucks the
man into lolita naked child model
his mouth, and quickly has a rythim matching
the thrusts of his fucker going on the new cock. The
rocking goes on for several more minutes as the sex
gets hotter and hotter. Finally, the blond groans,
and humps into the Mexican's hole harder than usual,
and his big cock heaves and spits cum.
The Mexican sighes with pleasure, and dropping the
new cock from his mouth, pushes himself upright with
his hands on his tired knees, and with a couple of
jerks, begins spewing cum across the ground. The new
man leans over to capture the head of the spewing
cock, and sucks the spew dawn. The Mexican is still
feeling his climax when the blond pulls his still hard
cock out of the Mexican's asshole. The new man turns
his attention to the slick and shiny tube of flesh,
and sucks it down savoring the tangy flavors of
assjuice and spent cum. The Mexican begins to dress.
The new man asks the blonde if he can go again. He
declines, and buckles his prize away before ducking
out of the hide. The Mexican soon follows. The third
man, alone now, calms himself, and puts his spit
slicked cock away. He waits for a few minutes quietly
listening to the morning birds in the shrubs. After a
fruitless ten minutes, he makes his way out of the
hide and down the path. At the juncture with the
larger path, he hesitates but finally after a false
start down toward his where his car is parked, he
turns and makes his way further up the hill.
The paths diverge again, this time in a "T", with the
top bar being as well traveled as the main path
leading up. To the right, the new path crosses a
ravine in the hillside, and disappears up the opposite
side into the thick brush. Across the ravine, he sees
two men talking and smoking. To his left, the path
curves bbs forum preteen lolita
quickly out of sight up the hill, and he knows
from previous experience that it rejoins the ravine
further up where several good hides have been
constructed over the years. He turns left. Just
before he lolly models in underwear passes from the sight of the two men across
the ravine, he turns to stare at them. As he watches,
they split apart, and the taller of the two, walks
down and away from the hill, while the remaining man
heads toward him dropping out of sight after a moment
into the ravine. The man starts to walk slowly up the
hill, and is out of sight by the time the other man
emerges from the ravine, but no matter, he knows where
the man is headed. He walks along, his pace
quickening a little.
He checks the pure latin lolita nude first hide, but it is empty. His quary
is standing in the second hide, rubbing his cock
through his pants. The new man enters the hide, and
quickly pulls out the man's hard cock. His mouth
sucks it in and in no time, he has the man fucking his
face hard and fast. He holds the man's tight butt
cheeks with both his hands, and forces him to fuck his
face harder, trying to get his thin cock deep into his
throat. The man being sucked trembles, and grasping
the sucker's lolita nude model gallery head, begins to pound his cock home again
and again, until his cum erupts. tiny lolicon movie galleries
He pulls out of the
sucker's mouth and sprays his cum across his eyes and
nose. The sucker, wipes the slimy cum with his palm,
and then licks it off while the sucked man puts his
softening cock back in his pants and zips up. The
sucked man leaves, making his way down to the parking
area, late for work again.
On the path, he meets a man he's been with before,
and when the man gropes him, he pushes his hand away
and tells him there is a guy in need up the hill to
the left. They part, and he continues quickly to his
vehicle and leaves. The man he met on the path takes
his advise, an makes his way up the hill to the left.
He finds the sucker, sitting on a knarled branch in
the second hide, his pants down around his knees,
jerking his cock with a hard workman's fist. The new
man ducks into the hide, and reaches for the purple
swollen shaft. He sucks it into his mouth, but the
other man lifts his hungry mouth off himself, and
whispers that he needs to get fucked.
The new man obliges, and soon the two are connected
in the age old dance. The new man doing the fucking,
murmers to his partner. "You like my cock up your
butt butch. You got a tight little hole. I'd love lolita toplist cp bbs to
take you home and fuck you right on a bed."
"All right," the fucked one grunts. "Let's go. I
got all day free. You can fuck me a hundred times if
you can."
"Sorry butch. I got a wife and two kids at home. I
gotta fuck you here or no where."
"That's too bad. I love your big cock fucking my
"And I love fucking it bro, but this is all there is.
The here and now." He humps the guy, trying to get
himself up to the edge. He's running late for work as
well. They fuck for several minutes, the sounds of
skin slapping skin as thighs and buttocks slap
together filling the air. Finally with a grunt, the
fucker unloads his hot cum in the other man's hole.
He sighs. It is brief seconds before the fucker is
gone and the fucked one is alone, still beating his
meat. With a long gasp, he finally shoots his load of
cum across the dirt in the hide, and slowly pulls
himself together and heads back down the hill to his
car. His night shift was over just as the park was
opening to the public for the day. He's been fucked
three times this morning, and has had a half dozen
more hard cocks blow their loads down his throat.
He's satisfied that he will sleep like a baby when he
gets home. He'll be back late tonight because he has
an hour before the park closes to the public and his
night shift at the plant starts. He might just get
lucky again.
The sun is up when he reaches his car, and the mist
is already dispersing. The hot California day will
witness dozens more sexual encounters between men in
the park before it closes again at ten PM. It is a
never ending stream of cockhounds that wander the
trails and paths of the park looking to satisfy their
hunger to suck and be sucked, fuck and be fucked.
Griffith Park is cockhound heaven.email: sintitulo2yahoo.com
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Tuesday, April 24th 2012

12:00 AM

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